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Pick to Light

Pick to Light

Pick to Light - system for quickly and intuitively picking

Pick to Light System is designed to electronically assisting staff when collecting items from picking areas. The operator simply scans the barcode of contract and picking amounts to be displayed directly on the screen at the appropriate place. When the operator takes the right amount and select the submit button, the information is transmitted electronically to the database, resulting in a direct and inventory tracking their movements.
Main advantages of the technology - Pick to Light
pick to light
Pick to Light is fast.
By illuminating the right place and the right places, Pick to Light has been recognized as the fastest operator-based strategy for commissioning. For the time it takes the operator to hear or read from a sheet or RF terminal and determine the proper location Pick to Light a same operator already carries picking.
Pick to Light is accurate.
By directing the operator to the exact location of the picking process is much simpler. A simplification and repetition of tasks leads to accuracy. Pick to Light reduces the use of paper. No more paper for picking and checking the quantities taken. The operator simply scans the barcode of the order and the system does the rest. Picking paperless reduces costs, errors and speeds up the process.
Pick to Light is multitasking.
Other computer-based solutions such as RF terminals, and voice terminals are consistent way of working. The device is able to display task system considers that it should be next. Pick to Light In all the tasks that need to be met with light. The operator can determine the fastest way to collect the goods.
Pick to Light allows group picking.
Operators can operate on the assembly line. Each operator will act in a certain area of ​​picking. Tasks are assigned zone by zone conveyor, cart or other transport mechanism. Thus further increasing productivity by reducing the distance that each operator has to travel.
The slogan of the  System Pick to Light "Done Right. At the speed of light ", gives a proper idea of ​​this proven and effective technology.


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