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Skilled 504

Skilled 504

SKILLED 504 is   an electromechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. 




INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER with TFT screen allows:

  • Starting the robot
  • Manual Control
  • Input / Output test
  • Visualization of alarms and events
  • To select palletising program
  • To program the layout and setup the robot
  • To create the pallet patterns in selfprogramming mode
  • To automatically generate palletising patterns according to the features of the gripper
  • To create a library of illimitated number of palletising programs
  • To display both graphic synoptics of system and working pallet
  • To carry out a tailored statistics list of production data with local printer (optional)
  • Service support via VPS / MODEM (optional)
  • Interface TCP/IP (optional)

Technical Specifications

Structure: SCARA
Freedom degree: 4 axes
Weight capacity: 100 kg (220 lb)
Cycles/hour: 800 maximum



Address126 Tzar Boris III Blvd.
Sofia 1612, Bulgaria

Phone+359 2 9 555 498

Fax+359 2 9 555 647

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