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Flow Rail System

Flow Rail System

FLOW RAIL® is a much-awaited compact storage system that can be used with traditional forklifts. The forklift in fact no longer needs to enter inside the shelving as in the case of Drive-In systems. This means significant time savings. The key element in the system is a chain that slides on roller bearings.

The rail and chain assembly measures 90mm in height. Consequently, the system can be fitted in the space of existing Drive-In installations. The shelves only need to be fitted with the beams.

The FLOW RAIL® system does not require extensive explanation. When the lane is empty the first position can be used as simple shelving with one storage place. The distance at the side from the structure of the shelving can be reduced, as this distance does not change for the pallets as they move through the lane. A pallet positioned at the start of the lane always keeps the same lateral position during its movement. Subsequently all other pallets are placed and removed just like loaves of bread in an oven.

The system does not have its own motor drive and get the energy for the movement from an outside source. Indeed, this comes from the forwards-backwards movement of the forklift, due to the coupling with the load, half of which rests on the forks and other half on the chain.

The following limits must be carefully observed. The lanes can hold a maximum of 12 EURO pallets of 800mm depth wise meaning a maximum length of the 10.5 meters, with a maximum weight per pallet of 1200kg. The difference in weight between the pallets in the same lane must not exceed 10%.


  • Any standard forklift can be used.
  • The operations are all performed at the entrance to the shelving, never inside.
  • Very fast loading and unloading times.
  • Each pallet is always ready for picking at the entrance to the lanes.
  • The pallets do not move on the chain, it is the chain that moves.
  • Each lane can hold up to 12 EURO pallet.
  • Different goods can be stored in each lane.
  • The system can be easily adapted to existing Drive-In structures.
  • Can be used in cold rooms down to -30C.
  • Minimum maintenance; simply surface cleaning
  • Maximum usage of space in the store.
  • Space occupied by the rail: 9cm in height.


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