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Flow Rail System is an expected solution for your store. The system can be operated by a standard forklift.  It is no longer necessary machinery to enter between lines to distribute the loads in the system as it is with Drive-In Racking system. Flow Rail saving time and resources. Flow Rail System is compatible with Drive In and can be built into the existing one. Shelves simply must be fixed to the Drive In beams. Height of the rail and the chain is 90 mm.

The system is easy and practical for use. Pallet to queue levels, each pallet pushed the next one in the previous frontal position. Since the chain is continuous, the space between the pallets is minimized. The design of the circuit is such that the pallets retain original position setting, regardless of traffic levels. Flow Rail system is not electricity driven.

Materials used for making various elements of the system are carefully selected so as to be easily handled, resistant to temperature amplitudes and with a minimum rate of depreciation. The rails are of lightweight aluminum, to facilitate the delivery and installation. Chains are resistant to wear and to low temperatures. Roller bearings are guaranteed with lifetime lubrication.


Flow Rail System Flow Rail System

FLOW RAIL is a much-awaited compact storage system that can be used with traditional forklifts. The forklift in fact no longer needs to enter inside the shelving as in the case of Drive-In systems. This means significant time savings. The key element in the system is a chain that slides on roller bearings. The rail ... see more


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