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In view of shorter innovation cycles and "time to market", as well as the increasing complexity of production processes, the aspect of material flow has become one of the key determinants of success within a fast-track environment.

By offering innovative technology and market-orientated solutions, STORACT LOG is able to provide its customers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Automation is an undisputed part in the sectors of material handling and distribution.  Automation process includes modules and subsystems for such key markets as airport baggage handling, mail and parcel distribution, distribution, injection molding, warehousing etc.

Our product range includes innovative niche products such as belt curves, cross belt sorters for rapid sorting and distribution, conveyor modules for plastics manufacturing and cleaning technology, as well as other belt conveyor units.

Roller Conveyors are intelligent non-accumulative modules that have several other verities like curve modules, transfers in different degrees, diverters and lifts. They are controlled by control cards and sensors. Roller Conveyors exist as straight, inclined and declined modules.

Belt Conveyors can be used flexibly and are adaptable thanks to a robust aluminium profile construction with longitudinal slots on the upper and lower sides. They are maintenance-free and durable due to heavy-duty, double-layer polyester belts, high quality ball bearings and robust drive technology. All modules could be inclined and/or declined.

Belt Curves and Belt Merges solve tasks that exceed the capabilities of straight belt conveyors. These products enable the implementation of curves in conveyor lines or angled connections to belt conveyor technology and sorters.

Conveyor Subsystems include many small but important details like blade stops, pushers, belt and chain transfers, lift up gates and roller chute that make the difference in the modern and effective automated solutions.

All modules and installations allow easy and flexible mounting with aluminum profile construction, while the tuning of the sensors with the software takes a bit longer due to the precision our team puts in every project.



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