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Shuttle XP 700

Shuttle XP 700


25% more storage space per tray, up to 715kg capacity per tray and up to 4,050mm tray length.

High - speed equals quicker access into your goods.

Boost your access speed by up to 25% compared to standard shuttle equipment with tray lengths of 3,250mm. The new Kardex Shuttle® XP 700 is smoother and quieter and reaches higher speeds; resulting in extremely shortened picking times for your stock operations. With automated tray extraction, you can easily lift heavy loads with cranes or forklifts out of the Shuttle.

The new standard:

Standard solutions available with 4 metre long trays.

The all new Kardex Shuttle® XP 700 for heavy and bulky stock items adds immensely to your storage capacity, enabling completely new storage strategies and internal logistics. With a total floor area of only 13.7m² and module height of 7m, the new Kardex Shuttle® XP 700 offers 200m² of storage space for items that are 150mm high and 4m long. Go ahead and calculate the total storage space!

Your advantages:

  • Maximum use of space height with minimum use of floor space
  • Small 50mm grid for high-density storage with minimum distances between items
  • Electronic speed control – up to 1.2m/s
  • Height control of stock items
  • Automatic shutter doors protect operator and goods
  • Downward compatible tray use


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