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Management Software System

Management Software System

The principal objective of the computer management system is to control, coordinate and manage all the processes carried out in the warehouse, from the information received by the ERP, to the control of each of the movements performed by the mechanical and electrical devices. The system is, in effect, the brain upon which the decisions and reactions depend.

Control software

The basic function of the control software designed by Mecalux is to manage the electromechanical devices of the installations which carry out the tasks of transporting and storing the goods, following the instructions received from the management software of the installation.

With the aim of simplifying the parameters and star-up processes of the installations, Mecalux has developed a control software solution for programming totally standard computer bots based on internationally recognised technological platforms.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

The management software, as the centre which integrates the storage and distribution systems, consists of a set of computer applications which interact between each other by jeans of permeability mechanisms and communication protocols.

The WMS of Mecalux has been developed to allow its implementations to be scalable in functions of the installation. It is made up of six predetermined levels, which range from not permitting any personalization of the software to the possibility to make certain adaptations to the WMS.



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