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Conveyors for Pallets

Conveyors for Pallets

This conveyor system represents an ideal combination between the efficiency of the stacker cranes and the entry, dispatch and handling processes of the load units. It can be seen as a set of elements designed for transporting, accumulating and/or distributing goods to specific positions required by the logistics operations.

Mecalux supplies a wide range of devices for conveying load units. The company has sought to standardise as far as possible its measurements and components with the aim of facilitating production, assembly and the future start-up of facilities. All of this results in a reduction in delivery times and installation costs.

Different Conveyor systems

  • Roller conveyors.   
  • Chain conveyors.
  • Cross transfer with rollers and chain conveyors.
  • Turntable conveyors (roller or chain).
  • Chain conveyor at the warehouse entry and exit.
  • Pallet size and weight control.
  • Pallet lift.
  • Roller lift conveyor.
  • Conveyor for half pallets.
  • Shuttle car.
  • Roller conveyor at ground level.
  • Automated loading and unloading system for lorries.
  • Pallet stacker / unstacker.
  • Layer pickers.
  • Electrified monorail system.
  • Control area.


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