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Conveyors for Boxes

Conveyors for Boxes

The distances within an installation can be covered by different devices that are member of the family of products discussed here. Mecalux supplies a standard solution for conveyor which covers all the possibilities arising in typical working environments.

The use of driving mechanism and presence-detection systems enabled by mechanical or optical detection devices allows the boxes to be moved under controlled conditions to the desired positions.

Storact Log offers a conveying system which is scalable to the needs of its users and adjustable for growth. It is built with standard electrical and mechanical components, which guarantee the reliability and supply of spare parts.

In automated conveyor systems, the container or handled unit plays a vital role in guaranteeing the proper functioning and performance of the installation.

Type of conveyors

  •  Roller conveyor.
  •  Curved conveyors.
  •  Switch and exit / entrance conveyors.
  •  Cross transfers.
  •  Shuttle cars.
  •  Lifts stations.
  •  P&D stations.
  •  Special systems.


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