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Modern technologies used in logistic systems and processes enable users to dramatically improve the efficiency of storage, handling, preparation and dispatch of all types of goods.

Automated warehouses and material handling systems give companies great advantages over their competitors, in respect of cost reduction, improved productivity, range of products and superior services.

The automated applications are becoming more and more important than the traditional static storage applications in warehouses and supply chain operation.

The Automation systems are generally divided in two groups. First when the goods are stored on pallets, the automated systems is for Pallets, while storing the goods into small boxes the automated system is called Miniload.

Other interesting component of the Automated Warehouses is the Radio - Shuttle that is used in high-density storage systems.

Pallets Pallets

The whole project for Automation consists of several elements. One of the main elements is the stacker crane. The need to maximise the surface area in warehouses has led to the development of stacker cranes, designed to work in very narrow aisles and at heights above 30 metres. Stacker cranes are machines designed ... see more

Miniload Miniload

This is the optimum system to handle boxes for picking, following the "product to employee" principle. This is a simple and standard automated storage system for boxes which includes in a single product the racking, machinery, P&D station and the warehouse management software. Two racks, built at either side, are used ... see more

Radio Shuttle System Radio Shuttle System

Presentation of "Storage system RADIO SHUTTLE SYSTEM – the fastest developing in the storage logistics" with lecturer – Mr. Hristo Urumov, Owner and Manager of STORACT LOG. This is a high-density pallet storage system making it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric carriage called a Radio-Shuttle. ... see more


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