Storage equipment - pallet racking type Drive-in for the needs of GENTO MILL LTD.


Storage equipment - pallet racking type Drive-in for the needs of GENTO MILL LTD.
At the end of April 2011 GENTO MILL LTD. requested for an offer – racking system, covering the needs of the company. GENTO MILL LTD. has a central office, located in the town of Yambol and warehouse, located in General Toshevo, which is used for grain storage.
STORACT BG and GENTO MILL began meetings to clarify the requirements of the company for storage equipment.
Pallet racking type DRIVE-IN
The variant for storage equipment which was designed and proposed from STORACT was
pallet racking type DRIVE-IN, due to the requirements of the client to make the best use of storage space.
Pallet racking type DRIVE-IN
GENTO MILL chose STORACT BG in front of the other competitors because of the quality of the storage systems, rapid and adequate solution for selecting the storage system compliant and meet the requirements of the customer.
Pallet racking type DRIVE-IN
The warehouse consists of 3 rooms, and in every set can be mounted racking system type Drive-in, with a maximum compaction of space. The total storage capacity gained in the three store number is 2030 pallets and stacking is done on 5 levels.

End of May 2013 the customer submits information to STORACT BG that the warehouse is completed and STORACT BG can start working on the construction of storage facilities. Within a week, storage equipment has been installed and put into operation.


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