FIORENTINI Cleaning Machines are already in Bulgaria, article in Mashinostroene magazine

FIORENTINI  Cleaning Machines are already in Bulgaria, article in Mashinostroene magazine

Interview with Luben Urumov in Mashinostroene magazine

Why did you decide to deal with cleaning equipment?

Our customers require this product, so it was a necessity to answer the market needs. The aim is the customers to obtain complex proposals. In the face of FIORENTINI we found a good and reliable partner. They are very flexible, allowing us to be maximum adaptable to our clients.

We selected the brand FIORENTINI, because it is the oldest brand in Europe. This is the first manufacturer of cleaning equipment on the old continent. The owner of the company imported cleaning machines of the American company CLARK. Due to high tariffs, difficult transport, labor supply organization, he decided to start his own production. At first he copied a lot of elements from CLARK.

The company is 56 years. There are three plants, which are divided into skrubber (washing) machines, sweepers and vacuum cleaners.

Mainly the company is specialized in washing machines. This represents 80% of the business, the other 20% are sweepers and vacuum cleaners. It produces 14,000 sweepers and washing per year and 36,000 vacuum cleaners. Many products are exported to China, Asia and Indonesia. The strongest market is in Sweden now and I hope Bulgaria to become strong market also.

We decided to be representative of FIORENTINI, because we want the machines that we offer to be very solid and reliable, they are famous for exactly that. The machines do not have extra improvements, electronics and etc. Drive and control machine is mainly mechanical. Electronics and water are difficult to collect in one place. Details and units have convenient access and are easy to change. We offer a wide range of machines, from the smallest to the largest, and there are all kinds.

Customer for the company is the most important.

When a user has a specific requirement FIORENTINI is ready to meet it. The company is always ready to comply with the requirements of the client, if possible.

What are the terms of production and delivery?

Incredible as it may sounds, we can deliver a standard machine up to 24 hours if the order is urgent. When we were visiting the plant for four hours three machines were assembled and shipped to Japan by plane.

Our company LEH GROUP always has on stock 4-5 machines. They can be demonstrated, can be tested by customers, because for Bulgaria it is a new product. We want to show the machines on the market, to prove their strength and their best parameters. The main purpose of these machines is to clean better than the operator having fun with keyboard controls. The ratio between quality and price is the best in Bulgaria. The service will be organized by us, will be managed by three people who will only deal with the maintenance of the machines. Two showrooms are going to be opened in Varna and Sofia. I hope that the showroom in the capital should be ready within a month. We will always have a replacement machine if there is a problem somewhere. FIORENTINI’s two major logistics bases for dispatch of parts and machines are located in Milan and Rome.


Who are the major customers for the brand?

FIORENTINI machines clean in China, Japan, USA. In Italy, the airports of Rome, Bologna and supermarkets. Airports in Indonesia. Sistine Chapel. In Italy, eleven municipalities clean the streets with the technique of  FIORENTINI. The sheikh of Dubai recently purchased ten machines for his palace.

What are the innovations regarding the machines?

In FIORENTINI innovations are rare. For them, everything is standard, excellent cleaning and working for many years.

What specific technologies are offered for industrial cleaning?

For such purposes special applications are used - special filters that prevent from dust of the premises. We are about to sign a contract to supply machines for the pharmaceutical industry, there as we all  know there are high requirements. We did a demonstration on the spot and the colleagues were convinced in the quality of our equipment.

What is your opinion about the exhibition Transport and Logistics 2013?

We were visited by many partners both domestically and abroad. I think the exhibition has a future. There are fewer participants than previous years, but I think this is due to the fact that the market is reduced. Only the major and stable companies stay.

Do you have big competition on the market of cleaning equipment in Bulgaria?

There is a big competition. On the Bulgarian market all brands in this industry are represented. I'm sure we can do well with these machines on the market. I want to work professionally, to have good service, good communication with customers. We will provide an opportunity to test the machines, we will have replacement machines. We will offer low prices for service and maintenance.



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